My QR Codes
QR CODE Generator

Create a QR Code for your final product. This will help your customers to find information for your products easily and also find your contact information.

Temperature Control
Temperature Control

Monitor and control temperature in your cellar, warehouse, tanks, refrigerators, etc. from one place.

Weather station
Weather Forecating

Use our proprietary weather station to get weather forecasts specifically for your spot, monitor your local weather and get notifications on your mobile

Chemical treatment control

Our proprietary spraying controller will give you just in time information for all chemical treatments for your farms. You will get alerts on mis-treatments, reduce chemical expenditure, reduce costs related to chemicals, reduce environmental impact and have better and cleaner products.

HACCP implementation

Implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points standard is mandatory for all operators involved in food and beverage production. Using our microcontrollers, you will be able to have automatic 'logs' on most of your manufacturing processes and have easier and better traceability for your finished products.

Weather station
Get cutomer feedbacks instantly

Customer feedbacks are crucial for all manufacturers. Getting feedbacks are quite hard, labor extensive and expensive, especially for those manufacturers who export their products abroad. Using our QR code feedback system, you will be able to get instant feedbacks, customer reviews and suggestions from your customers.